3rd Core Group meets to translate HEDRM research into practical products

The 3rd Core Group of the WHO Thematic Platform for Health Emergency and Disaster Risk Management Research Network (Health EDRM RN) met successfully online on 22 November 2021. The WHO Kobe Centre (WKC) organized the meeting as secretariat of this network.


The Core Group provides strategic direction for the Health EDRM, which was established in 2018 to strengthen research and promote knowledge and evidence for managing health risks associated with all types of emergencies and disasters. It promotes global collaboration and contributes to the development of the framework for health security preparedness, development and innovation.

Co-chaired by Professor Emily Chan and Professor Virginia Murray, 14 WHO representatives from AFRO, EMRO, EURO, PAHO, SEARO, WPRO and HQ and six global experts participated in this meeting and contribute to Health EDRM research.

An important outcome of the meeting was the approval of the Action Plan for the Health EDRM RN 2022-2023 to translate Health EDRM research into practical products. The Action Plan contains four key  milestones for its effective implementation. The first is the agreement for global stakeholder involvement of the survey to obtain global expert consensus on identifying key research topics and questions for Health EDRM RN. The second milestone is the launch of the Health EDRM Knowledge Hub, its new contents and dissemination plan with WHO regional offices. The third milestone was identifying additional content to be added to the WHO Guidance on Research Methods for Health EDRM in 2022-2023, working with regional offices to support the dissemination of the Guidance. Resource mobilization and linkages between research and practice in Health EDRM was the fourth milestone addressed.

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